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Grassmann Algebra by John Browne is available to read online (Google Books) or purchase USD 30 (Amazon)

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For fast, world wide access search Google for …  “ISBN 978-1479197637” From here you can use its Table of Contents to jump to any topic of your choice. You may read the entire book free online.

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Click the Button to go to Grassmann Algebra Volume 1’s page on From here you can look inside, and purchase a printed copy in paperback format (588 pages) for US $30. It is also available on some Amazon Europe and other bookstore sites for an equivalent price. If the button will not work in your browser - try the following text link: Mathematica/dp/1479197637 WARNING: Some versions of an early draft have found their way on-line as a PDF. this version is incomplete and contains errors and many omissions. There is no official eBook or PDF version available at this time. Sites offering these as a free download may deliver malicious code.
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