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Grassmann Algebra Volume 1: Chapter 1
The first chapter in the book introduces the four seminal operations of the algebra and applies them to geometry. These are: o  the exterior product o  the regressive product o  the complement o  and the interior, inner and scalar products.

Volume 1: Chapter 1 as a PDF

This is a complimentary download. We hope you will find it interesting. The illustrations in this download are in colour, but those in the printed work are grey-scale. Chapter 1 is some 30 pages and a file size of just over 2 MB. The ‘download’ may take a little time.
Grassmann Algebra Volume 1 is a 588 page exploration of the Algebra conceived by Hermann Grassmann. Chapter 1 serves as an introduction to his work and is freely available at the download link below.

Grassmann Algebra Volume 1: Chapter 1

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